The products developed in the context of the Diversity@Work project are now being tested in different European countries. After watching the Diversity@Work online video lessons on Diversity & Inclusion, 17 people from 9 different organisations (Aga Khan Foundation, British Council Spain, Colt Technology, Dronak, Fundación Diversidad, IBERDROLA, Indra,  Nationale-Nederlanden  and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum) participated today in the virtual face-to-face session in Spain. Practical exercises were implemented with a light explanation part and concrete examples that relate to D&I issues at the workplace. Thank you everyone for participating in this great testing session and a big compliment and thank you to our excellent Spanish partner Fundación Diversidad who organised the session, mobilised the organisations and co-facilitated this session.  

Past July 2nd representatives from 9 European countries (Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Ireland, Portugal and Estonia) met online to jointly discuss the next steps in the Diversity@Work project. As the overall situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic varies substantially among the nine countries, the main goal of the meeting was to understand the different realities and find innovative ways for project implementation. Adjusting it to the different realities and carving out new (digital) strategies that aim to fit everyone’s needs and resources in these volatile times.