The Charter Implementation Toolkit (CIT) is a compendium of ideas and inspiration about activities and initiatives to help promote and embed diversity, equality and inclusion work in signatories to the national Diversity Charters.

The CIT is the outcome of a consultative, collaborative approach, involving ongoing discussion and detailed engagement with each of the Diversity Charter partners of the Diversity@Work project. The creation of the CIT means that for the first time there is a substantial resource for Diversity Charter personnel to explore and utilise in discussing, organising and building an understanding of the range of actions, ideas and tools that can be used to support their signatories to implement effective d&i strategies.

Originally intended for use by Diversity Charter professionals with their signatory organisations, the CIT may also be useful for diversity champions in other organisations. To increase access to wider audiences, the CIT pdf has been made available online for those with an interest in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, while it has also been made available in English, Estonian and Portuguese, to help facilitate users in different languages.

The CIT Comprises:

  1. A comprehensive summary of the D&I movement in the EU, and the context in witch the Diversity Charters are born and how they have developed (A Union of Values)
  2. A detailed explanation of the steps took to gather tools and other contributions from all existing 26 Diversity Charters (Approach and Methodology to Developing the CIT)
  3. A section on how Diversity Charters are promoting D&I in EU, including the business case for organisations and the added value of signing a Diversity Charter (Diversity Charters Building AWARENESS)
  4. A section of good practice and inspiration from the work of the several Diversity Charters around EU, including Diversity Month inspiring ideas, media campaign tips dedicated sections on engaging with the public sector, NGOs and SMEs (Diversity Charters INSPIRING ACTION)
  5. A section with a summary of the main resources created by each Charter to foster D&I in organisations, including a Diversity Celebration Calendar with practical ideas to celebrate Diversity (Diversity Charters SHARING RESOURCES)

All these Chapters can be found and downloaded bellow in the ENG version (also available in EST and PRT):

A private section of the CIT Platform, exclusive for Diversity Charters, also offers a set of practical checklists:

Digital CIT FORM1_Users Continuing PROFESSIONAL Development

Digital CIT FORM2 _Diversity Charters VISIBILITY ONLINE  

Digital CIT FORM3_Diversity Charters FEATURED Signatories 



Digital CIT FORM6_Signatory SCOPING an ACTION PLAN  


D&I Presenting the BENEFITS  

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