Our final event last Friday 28th May 2021 gathered more than 50 people from all over Europe to celebrate our journey and to get to know our products!

Thank you to all our wonderful partners and all the +200 testing organisations that helped us develop our Blended Learning Course and the Charter Implementation Toolkit.

The Blended Learning course is now available on our Blended Learning Platform (in ENG with subtitles in ENG, PRT, EST, CRT, PL, ES, RU) and is free for facilitators that wish to implement it. Reach out to us if you want to know more.

Download the event´s Power Point presentation and the projects evaluation power point bellow:

Soon we will share the final results of the project.

Are you curious about what we have developed to help your organisation foster D&I policies and practices? Or just want to know more about our Blended Learning course on D&I, or about our Diversity Charter Implementation Toolkit? Are you wondering why +1000 people are already taking part of the course? Two years have passed and we are happy to be able to share with you our final results and products, that you can now use freely in your organisation! Join us for our final event to know how!

Event via TEAMS live event (link here)

Program PDF here

An intense but successful year 2020 has come to an end for the Diversity @ Work project. The blended learning course on Diversity and Inclusion, developed in the context of the project, was tested in 9 European countries (Spain, Estonia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland and Romania). So far, 9 classes have been created with a total of 198 participants (134 participants in the English course and 78 in the Portuguese). The course has been tested with 98 public and private organizations from various sectors in nine of the 10 European countries of the project. Feedback was collected from all partner organizations of the project and from a sample of signatory entities of the respective Diversity Charters, through instruments developed by Stone Soup, namely, a pre and post test questionnaire and focus groups. This feedback will now be incorporated to improve the quality of products and make them even more easy to use. It has been a real team effort, with many contributions from different people! Thank you to all colleagues who did an excellent job and helped a lot in transforming the products of the project Diversity @ Work into something tangible, which will now be used and disseminated among all European countries involved in the project. The products are expected to reach many companies and people across Europe in the coming months. They consist of:

  • 90-minute online course with 6 modules on Diversity and Inclusion
    (Introduction; Human Diversity; Unconscious Bias; Recognize and
    overcome our biases; Discrimination chain; Micro-messages; Conclusion), completed by practical exercises. The course is in English and also available with subtitles in Portuguese (more languages ​​in
  • Facilitation guide, including 2 session plans that we recommend to implement in complementarity with the video sessions.
  • Evaluation instruments (pre- and post-test questionnaires and focus guide

Other products are being finalized, namely a Charter Implementation Toolkit (CIT), which collects relevant tools from different Diversity Charters as well as checklists for gathering important data from organizations, regarding Diversity & Inclusion strategy results.